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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big things and little things

First for the big thing.  I have finally finished the quilt I began back in 2010 to give to my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary in March of 2011!  The machine piecing went quickly, but the hand quilting took a while, mostly because I simply didn't have much time to work on it.  It is sized for a queen bed and so not the kind of thing to work on while waiting in the car pool line or at the sidelines of a lacrosse game.  Anyway, I designed it for my parents' mostly blue and yellow, traditional-style bedroom.  Among the quilted motifs are their initials in the center medallion (though I think the small initials should have been larger to be more visible), the years of their wedding and 60th anniversary, vines, flowers, hearts and feathers.  It also has the signatures of all their children and grandchildren.

While working on this quilt I also finished a few little things.  I find it helpful to have smaller projects going on along with big projects to add interest and to give me something I can carry around in my purse for unexpected free moments.  If I have something to work on those moments of waiting feel like a gift; if I don't have something to work on those moments feel wasted.  Two of those little projects are shown here.  I knit the socks using Melissa Morgan-Oakes' Tuscany pattern and toe-up, two at a time method, which I love because when I am done, I am done. No second sock or kitchener stitch finish required.

I made the dollhouse quilt and the fire screen needlepoint (note the quarter) because working in such a small scale seemed like fun, which it was.  And I think having a dollhouse would be fun.  Now I just need the dollhouse.  Oh yes, and the furniture, and the dolls.

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