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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reflections of Antarctica

I originally intended this post to be about ice but got bogged down with too many photographs from which to choose.   In sorting through thousands (yes, thousands!) of images I noticed that some have dramatic reflections of mountains, snow and sky.   The waters around Antarctica are well known for being rough, especially in places like the Drake Passage where waves can race around the globe with no land to slow them down.  Yet it is possible to encounter the stillest of waters in the very southern latitudes, especially in summer, when you are in protected bays or where there is a lot of ice in the water.   The ice acts just like lane dividers in a competition swimming pool to dampen the waves.  Here are my favorites, all of which are from Hope Bay at the tip of the peninsula, except for the first two, as noted in their labels.

British Antarctic Survey Base at Grytviken, South Georgia Island
Elephant Island

Since I am on the topic of mirror images, this is an appropriate time to show the pillow cover I recently completed.  I began work on it during a hand quilting class and later realized it would be a perfect accent with my parents' anniversary quilt.   Note that the design (which was already printed on the fabric) has two folds of symmetry.

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