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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Capitol Independence Day

A Fourth of July trip to Washington, D. C., gave us a chance to enjoy some of our Capitol's most famous sights, starting with the annual fireworks display.  It was quite a scene, even before the fireworks began, with thousands of people walking to parks, parking lots, and hilltops to stake out good viewing locations.  The fireworks themselves were terrific.  I think my best photos were the ones in which I used the smallest aperture, as the longer exposures allowed me to capture longer trajectories.

The Smithsonian Institution, aptly referred to as "our nation's attic," is as fascinating as ever.  In the American History Museum I thought it was very cool to see the suit George Washington wore for special occasions and portraits.  Too bad that the people who made it, entirely by hand of course, including all those beautifully finished buttonholes, don't get any credit.

Detail of George Washington's suit

The National Museum of Natural History had a special exhibit "2012 Nature's Best Photography Awards."  If you like wildlife and landscape photography, you will enjoy these images.  I also liked the permanent mammal exhibit which shows how mammals adapted to environmental changes over the course of millions of years.  For sheer drama, though, it is hard to beat the 14-foot African elephant in the museum's rotunda.

Instead of showing my own needlework today, here are a few photos of the best yarn bombing display I have yet to see.  A group called the "Guerrilla Stitch Brigade" spent hundreds of hours crocheting and knitting an incredible array of critters and a garden's worth of plants and flowers to adorn the Rosslyn, Virginia, sculpture by Christopher Gardner entitled "Cupid's Garden."

Cupid's Garden, by Christopher Gardner

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