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Monday, March 10, 2014

Toy Joy, an Austin Treasure

Toy Joy is one of those places that immediately comes to mind when I hear the line "Keep Austin Weird."  It is a store filled with both toys and joy.  And sadly, it appears that it will be closing, or at least, no longer be under control of its present owners.

We made a pilgrimage there yesterday to show our support and to soak up it's wonderful atmosphere.  With South by Southwest underway and a Saturday article in Saturday's Austin American Statesman about its closing, the store was buzzing.

This is not your average toy store.  No Barbies, no Legos, really none of the things you find in the toy aisles of places like Target and Walmart.  Instead it is filled with an enormous, but lovingly selected, array of toys and oddities from around the world. The proprietors have wonderful senses of humor.  I especially enjoy the toy bin labels.

Many of the displays are quirky.

Others are sweet.

But they appeal to all audiences.

The decor is as much fun as the merchandise.  Originally a small army of these nuns adorned the outside of the building which formerly housed the store, but they were too tempting for thieves and so had to be  brought indoors.

I hope that this window display remains accurate.

No matter what happens, I  wish Lizzy and Trevor all the best.

Lizzy Newsome, Toy Joy proprietor

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