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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Airplane Time

Easter weekend found me flying to and from New England for a visit with the girls and consequently with many hours in airports and on airplanes.  While I enjoy reading during those hours, I find doing needlework much more satisfying.  Without distractions - the Internet, telephone calls, a looming pile of laundry - I can make significant progress on any project.

I started the trip with two projects.  I nearly finished my friend's scarf.

 Started a border for my compass quilt.

I picked up a third project at Webs in Northampton, Massachusetts. Late as spring is this year, I suspect my daughter won't actually wear these socks until fall.  Webs is, by the way, an enormous shop with a knowledgable and pleasant staff.  There is always something on sale, a good discount policy, and since it's in Massachusetts, no sales tax on yarn.

Stalking stockings from "Knitting Knee-Highs" by Barb Brown

While in Massachusetts, I spent some time in Turner's Falls, a town I described in a post last November.  Like La Grange, Texas, it has a gritty charm, especially along the canal which has been repurposed as a hike and bike trail.

I think these scenes have a simple graphic quality and interesting muted colors that could be the basis for quilt designs.

Below the Gill-Montague Bridge, Turners Falls

Turners Falls has some new businesses catering to a clientele that I suspect the town's builders never imagined.  Loot: found + made carries an interesting collection of industrial chic objects, many from the area's old manufacturers, that can be repurposed as decorative and useful items in a modern home.

Inside Loot: found + made

I hope someday someone will figure out how to make similar good use of the buildings and other infrastructure in Turner's Falls and similar towns.  It would be so much better than carving up open space for new and inevitably less interesting buildings.

Along the canal at Turners Falls

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