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Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer in Central Texas

It's the last day of August and though school is back in session here in Central Texas, summer is not yet over. High temperatures continue to hover in the mid-nineties (Fahrenheit), the sun shines relentlessly, and extended outdoor activity must be planned carefully. 

For me, that means running before the sun comes up. On the days I don't manage to get going early, anything beyond three miles becomes an unpleasant slog. Much better suited to summer is taking a dip in Barton Springs Pool

Its three acres of 68 to 70 degree, spring-fed water will cool you off on even the hottest of days.

Barton Springs Pool

Another quintessential summertime Texas activity is the rodeo. Just as the sun is going down and the stands are cooling off, things really heat up inside the arena. We enjoyed last month's Marble Falls Rodeo as much for its small-town ambience as its excitement. Of course, they start with the national anthem and a display of the flag.

It's hard to beat the colorful and heart-stopping bareback bronc riding.

Wranglers are always ready to assist and ensure the rider's safety. Watching how they work and the rapport they have with their horses is as interesting as the main events.

So, if the beginnings and ends of the days are the best times to be outside, what, you may ask, do you do in the middle of the day? Mostly, at least in August, I retreat to the air-conditioned indoors. This year I used that time to do a lot of sewing.

I finished this pillow cover, for which I used some of the pre-cut two inch squares that were in this year's QuiltCon goodie bag,

Pillow top, hand pieced and hand quilted
have almost completed a second one,

and made two queen-sized bed quilts. I pieced and quilted the pillows entirely by hand. Except for the bindings, I did the bed quilts entirely by machine

My production line for making Ohio Star blocks

Both of these are gifts so I can only give you a sneak peak until they have made their way to their recipients.

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