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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cartagena, Colombia

During last month's cruise I had time for a quick tour through Cartagena's old city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

City wall with San Pedro Claver Church dome in the background 

I could have spent days exploring the narrow streets lined with brightly painted Spanish colonial buildings,

My favorites had windows and balconies spilling over with bouganinvillea.

Street life in Cartagena's old city is varied and vibrant. We watched children play on the old wall,

visitors pose for photos in front of the Church of Saint Peter (San Pedro) Claver,

dancers perform in the Plaza de Bolivar,

and an artist paint landscapes on glass.

The large number of street vendors shows just how popular a tourist destination the old city is. I found the artistry of the displays striking. This one looks very much like a scrappy quilt.

Bright yellow walls with crisp white trim made a particularly appealing backdrop.

Although I didn't make a single stitch on the quilt pieces I brought along, these bright walls gave me the idea to try yellow as a background color. I had previously settled on using tan and a rich brown to set the squares.

Cartagena's yellow walls made me wonder if a brighter color would be more fun.

I still have five more of the sixteen patch squares to make before I put it all together so I can think about the choice of setting a little bit longer.

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  1. You made a beautiful trip Ann. I prefer your first setting fabric for your blocks. Your blocks shines that way.