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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Knitter's Project Bag

If I had any doubts as to whether my daughter was a serious knitter, they were banished when I stepped into her dorm room on Monday to find three large cartons filled with yarn and knitting paraphernalia. Not that I really had any doubts. She knit a sweater for herself over Christmas break and for weeks has been dropping not so subtle hints that she could really use a nice project bag in which to carry around her work.

Knowing that knitters tend to work on more than one project at a time, I designed this roomy bag (18” x 12” x 6”) with a middle pocket dividing it into two sections.

The blue canvas came from my stash, the colorful canvas came from The Cloth Pocket in Austin, and the outsides of the pocket were from small lightweight cotton bags. I have quite a collection of these bags as so many stores and organizations use them these days in place of disposable plastic bags.

The polar bears on the inside of the pocket are a nod to my daughter’s interest in wild life.

I’ll leave you with a couple wildlife photos. I spotted these darling little fox kits while out running one morning and went back later in the day with my camera, hoping they would still be there. Their den is beneath an abandoned and condemned old farmhouse and they were playing among the detritus collected outside.

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