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Friday, June 30, 2017

25 Years

Quilts have a long tradition of being made to commemorate important events. Births, weddings, graduations, and even deaths have been marked with lovingly stitched pieces. This is as true today as ever, and encompasses quilts of modern design as much as those of traditional design.

Earlier this month I completed a "modern" quilt to celebrate a 25th anniversary. I won't discuss how late the presentation was relative to the actual event, except to say that I found it a tad daunting to design a modern quilt for a couple in which the husband is an architect who specializes in modern, and exquisitely crafted, homes, and the wife is a former advertising executive with a great sense of style.

I discarded several ideas before settling on this simple graphic design of twenty five blocks as a subtle reference to the couple's years together.

Funny thing about this design is that, unknown to me, or at least not remembered by me, a number of years ago the wife stitched a needlepoint pillow cover with the same design! And they both share the same orangey red.

I pieced the quilt by machine and quilted it entirely by hand, echoing the shape of each triangle. Viewed up close the texture really stands out.

Viewed from a distance the bold design is more apparent.

I pieced the back from two other solid colors, pale enough not to show through the cream on the front.

In the end, it was worth taking the time to get the design right.

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